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Solving the Groom's Wedding Outfit Problem

Alphadext Collaborator

Posted on August 04 2019

Indian groom in a Sherwani with his groomsmen in bandhgalas waiting for his bride to arrive down the aisle

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In September 2018, Kunal (co-founder), an India-born American, married Victoria Paige, an Italian American in a fantasy wedding. Kunal and Paige dreamed of a fusion wedding to commemorate love for their respective cultures and family traditions. A multi-function wedding, joyously celebrated by a large crew of Italians and Indians would put the perfect exclamation to their union. While finding traditional American outfits for the wedding was less challenging, envisioning and executing on Indian traditional wear was an exercise in patience and resourcefulness.

Kunal’s decision to have 11 groomsmen representing 5 different ethnicities did not make this any easier. Blessed to have made deep friendships with a motley crew, Kunal was not going to make any compromises when it came to his wedding party. However, clothing this diverse group in Indian/fusion attire was going to take the couple on a long journey, both literally and figuratively. There were too many criteria to satisfy: from matching bridesmaids, accentuating the theme of the wedding, to balancing the traditional Indian cuts with their modern tastes while staying within the budget seemed like an impossible task. Choices in the United States were too few and lacked the quality and style the wedding deserved; standard, non-fitted Sherwanis or Kurta Pajamas would be least flattering for his fashionable groomsmen. Paige found a few designers stateside, but they came with an exorbitant price tag, clearly catering to an ultra high end market. Something had to give: Kunal and Paige bit the bullet and flew to India to conclude the wedding shopping. They were blessed that Kunal had family in India who could lend support and guidance.

Several thousand dollars in travel and other costs, along with the anxiety ridden wedding shopping experience in a foreign country later they had their dream ensemble. The groomsmen would wear steel grey Band Gala suits, complementing Paige’s bridesmaids, adorned in mulberry fusion lehenga-blouse dresses. The immaculately dressed wedding party hid Paige and Kunal’s exhausting preparation. Once the wedding was over, Karan and Kunal (co-founder and twin brother) discussed how they could remove the stress and friction from the wedding clothes shopping experience. Karan and Kunal’s years of experience in consulting and eCommerce, respectively, along with their business school education enabled them to break down this problem, identify pain points and develop a seamless solution enabled by technology. A vision was developed - no bride and groom should have to experience an overwhelming shopping experience to dress their wedding party fusion or traditional attire; moreover, the couple should be offered a comprehensive concierge service to solve for coordinating with the wedding party.

This mission to bring a seamless, personalized shopping experience that brought high quality, stylish and fitted clothes to the doorstep for a reasonable price gave birth to Knollswood. Knollswood provides a simplified and personalized way to dress grooms and groomsmen into traditional and non-traditional wedding attires - both western and Indian sub-continental - styled and made for the modern gentleman by the modern gentleman. Through our comprehensive consultation process, personalized and AI technology-based styling, accurate measurements, authentic dress-making, and our commitment to the highest standards, we offer a simple and seamless shopping experience you can rely on. Contact us for a 15-minute consultation today!

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